Welcome to Amatori Ragdoll Italia, the first Italian Ragdoll Club!

Ari was born in November 2003, founded by the major and oldest Ragdoll breeders in Italy! Ari joined AFEF (WCF) in 2004.

Our members are free to belong to any Association they prefer, in freedom and democracy.
The basic purpose is safeguarding health and standard of Ragdoll cat, promoting knowledge of this wonderful breed using shows, public notifications and web site.

A lot of Italian Ragdoll breeders take part to Ari, everybody follow the “Code of Ethics”: adopting a kitten by one of our member is a guarantee because the most important rule in our Club is to BREED WITH LOVE; who doesn't follow this important idea and others can't be part of our Club.

In the following pages you will find the Code of Ethics, the list of all breeders and available kittens.

Ari is always helpful, don't hesitate to send us a mail for questions or information.